Based in Kokopo, Papua New Guinea, we are the only spearfishing charter operation offering professional guided trips for beginners through to advanced bluewater hunters.  We are not just a spearfishing operator, we also aim to provide adventures and experiences beyond just spearfishing.  

Our operations are located on site at Kokopo beach Bungalows, where our boats have direct access to the Coral Sea, from local island chains to more remote spots through the New Guinea Islands region.  Our operations allow the best of remote and untouched diving during the day, while also have the luxuries of modern facilities and accommodation.  We have the ability to tailor custom trips and liveaboard experiences to go into further, more remote areas.   

Our tours are guided by experienced spearfishing guides with years of spearfishing experience and knowledge of local waters.

Professional spearfishing and freediving gear can be included in all our trips.

Target Species

We cater to all experience levels. If you are looking for introductory experiences, we will go to more shallow spots with no current, to teach the basics of spearfishing the reef. If you are advanced, we can target deeper drop-offs and bluewater for species like Spanish Mackeral, GTs, Dogtooth Tuna, Sailfish and Coral Trouts.  

Primitive / overnight experience

Escape from your comfort zone. We partner with local villages and dive sites as part of our sustainability philosophy to offer a more adventurous experience. We offer 1-5 night camping trips staying in local village huts and spearing during the day, where we eat what we shoot (no pressure!). This is a great way to escape the modern world with no cell coverage and immersing yourself in nature.

Custom / liveaboard trips

Please contact us if you wish to tailor something more specific or longer trips.